Innovation, Technology,
Science and Customization

Da Shiang Automation Co., Ltd (DSA), located in Guishan Industrial District, was established in 2013. DSA adheres to the business philosophy and service spirit of innovation, technology, science and customization, and has been growing steadily since its establishment.

Professional software & hardware technology integration.Hardware includes: mechanical, pneumatic, electronic control loop design, manufacturing and other professional capabilities, and has a Class A indoor wiring license. In terms of software, we have the professional integration ability of ABB, KUKA, EPSON and other robots, and is equipped with PLC, Vision, Real Time, LabView and PC graphic control system to help customers achieve smart production, reduce costs and waste.

Our main services provide the automatic solution of Investment Casting, Sand Casting, Machine Tending, and Customized Industrial Automation System Integration.






DSA has been working on the essence of honesty to serve every customer. Striving for excellence, inspecting the trend of market and satisfying each customer’s requirements with innovative technology and excellent service.

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